Welcome to Your Best Self Project 2020

Hello and Congratulations on taking the first step towards your success.

Have you ever set goals and just cant get it together to take action?
Or, is there so much that you want to do, that you struggle to get clear on exactly what to do?
And nothing happens.

If you answer yes to above, or if you just want to move faster in life, then you are in the right place.

Your Best Self Project 2020 is the program to help you consolidate your ideas into amazing goals and create effective action plans to achieve them.

Get Stuff Done. Fast.

What You Can Expect In 10 Weeks ?

Although everyone’s outcomes are different,
some of the results you can expect are…
  • Know your truth – understand the things that are really important to you, and worth pursuing.
  • Identify and have a plan to achieve Your Keystone Goal – the one thing that will make everything else fit together
  • Plans & Actions for success – make plans that will make a difference and take bold action in all areas of life
  • Take Bold Actions – get the confidence to start taking decisive actions to achieve your goals
  • Develop processes to make your goals become a reality
  • Remove blocks that have stopped you from taking action up until now
  • Maintain Focus on what is important and resist ‘shiny objects’
  • Manage your stress levels on your journey
  • Build Confidence in yourself and your capacity to achieve, and importantly repeat the process
  • Reset your life trajectory to achieve the things you want in life

Your Best Self Project 2020 is a 10 week program that gets people moving using scientifically researched, evidence based strategies:

✅ 1:1 personal strategy meetings
✅ Heaps of training videos on how to set goals and make them stick
✅ Tip sheets with proven action strategies
✅ Tons of energy and confidence from seeing results
✅ Connect with other people that are committed to their success.

What should you do now?

If you want to find out more, or get to meet the people running the course, a completely free 15 Clarity Call is a great place to start.
A Clarity Call is your chance to:
  • Understand exactly how Your Best Life Project 2020 works
  • Make sure the program is a good fit for you (we will make sure you are the right fit for the program – this program is not for everyone!)
  • Meet a coach delivering the program
  • If it turns out the program isn’t for you, your coach will make some suggestions of what might be
There will be no high pressure sales tactics.
Just a straight talking, no nonsense chat about what you are looking for.


Follow the prompts below to book your session in. Please make sure you use the option to SELECT YOUR TIMEZONE.