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Work with a Body & Mind Health Psychologist to overcome emotional challenges, obstacles & mental health issues. We will teach you strategies to help you feel stronger, confident and ready to take on life.

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Coaching Psychology

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How Body & Mind Health Works

It is common to reach a crossroads in your life where you are feeling, anxious, frustrated, depressed or disconnected.  Counselling and coaching are proven to make a difference.

At Body & Mind Health, we approach your Well-being from three angles: mindset, nutrition and movement.  There is a large and growing body of research that indicates that approaching mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety with action in each area provides increased and sustainable results.

Most of us have an awareness that when we have our mindset, nutrition and movement working together we are at our best.  At Body & Mind Health we will work with you to achieve your best mindset, optimise your nutrition, and develop the right amount of movement for you.

After you have achieved this you can continue your life journey with confidence and clarity.

Whether you’re experiencing a personal crisis or just feel as though you need some extra support to get things sorted, book an appointment with one of our Registered Psychologists. You’ll work together on an evidence-based, realistic and sustainable action plan so you can make positive change.

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Break free from negative patterns with the support of a Body & Mind Health Psychologist

Along with providing psychological and coaching support, Body & Mind Health is dedicated to working with GPs, dieticians, exercise physiologists and other health professionals to help you feel your best.

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Meet with a Registered Psychologist in a supportive and non-judgemental environment to clarify what’s troubling you and work towards a solution.  

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Eating well is a foundation for your overall wellbeing. Our team will collaborate with you to move on from negative eating habits and work towards a more nutritionally enriched diet.

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Your physical wellbeing is an important factor in your body and mind health. We can help you access professional support to overcome challenges in this area.