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Access the support you need to live your best life

The Body & Mind Health team of Psychologists are dedicated to working with you in a straightforward, no fuss way so you can live with happiness, personal meaning, and a stronger sense of purpose.

We provide professional counselling and coaching so you can achieve your best self.  Everyone is different but for most people this means living with positive mental health, high personal energy and physical health on the inside and out. We will work with you so your life is filled with meaningful relationships, fulfilling achievements and satisfying work.

You do not have to live with high stress, anxiety, depression or negative relationships. When it comes to your relationships, your career, day to day life challenges, you deserve to be free from feelings of frustration or a lack of direction.

Our Psychologists will work closely with you, breaking down the barriers so you can feel your best.

Scott Whiteway

Principal Psychologist

Stress reduction

Body & Mind Health Founder Scott Whiteway is a Registered Psychologist with over 20 years experience providing psychological consulting, coaching, counselling and training.

Following the philosophy that all people are whole, complete and have the capacity to be physically and psychologically well, Scott focuses on providing skills and strategies, and identify existing resources and strengths to support his clients in quickly returning to their best.

A published researcher and regular contributor at mental health-related conferences, Scott encourages his clients to identify the issues they are struggling with before working on a realistic action plan.

Scott’s goal is to help you adapt and thrive, no matter what your circumstances, by providing psychological counselling and encouraging nutritional and physical wellbeing.

Being a Registered Psychologist means your counselling session with Scott may be eligible for a Medicare rebate. Get in touch for more information.

life journey to stay positive with coach psychologist


Body & Mind Health aims to help our clients break free from negative thought patterns, achieve their goals, obtain balance, get in touch with their personal identity and build the blueprint to succeed in life.


We see a future where physical, nutritional and mental health are given equal priority and integrated.  Working closely with our community we strive for optimal wellbeing and personal fulfillment for everyone.

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Every person that accesses Body & Mind Health services has our full commitment to provide empathetic and individualised service, delivered in a way that works best for them.  

Additional Health Consultants

physical activity for best results and coaching

Body & Mind Health has partnerships with a range of health professionals to provide balanced and targeted strategies for clients.  These include experts in dietetics & nutrition, physical activity, exercise physiology,  physiotherapy & remedial massage.

If you already work with healthcare practitioners including the above professions and your GP, we will work with your existing providers to ensure that an optimum and holistic plan is put in place.  If they have questions about Body & Mind Health please have them get in touch.