7 Small Changes to Reduce Stress & Build Resilience

Psychologist, Nutrition for success

When we start to think about connecting with a health expert to get assistance it is not unusual feel unsure about where to start.  We might want to:

  • Get in shape
  • Get a nutrition plan sorted out
  • Get in the right mindset for success
  • Manage a personal challenge or crisis

But, questions like ‘Where do I start?’ or ‘How do I know the best person to speak to?’ quickly come up.  These questions can be big enough and hard enough that we sometimes we never even get started.
Then there are the industry questions like “what is the difference between a Counsellor and a Psychologist”, or “a Dietitian and a Nutritionist?”

Our hope of living our best life can stall even before we get out of the starting blocks.

Making sure that you answer the questions below before you get started will point you in the right direction and increase your confidence to get started to make changes you want .  The questions will assist you to think through your needs, know what questions to ask before you start and make sure you connect with the right person for you – and get the outcomes you want.

    1. What do I want to be different?
      Having clarity on the things that you would like to be different is important – it can be a good idea to write down a couple of things on paper, especially if there is a lot.
      This exercise will definitely help you to keep focused on the top priority.
    2. What type of professional do I need?
      If you are new to accessing Health Professionals other than your GP, knowing all of the different professions can seem a little daunting. It can be helpful to check in with a friend or family member who knows the industry, your GP or check online.  A little research can save a lot of time later on.
      It is a good idea to ask the person you are contacting what the differences in the industry are – this can be helpful with some of the other questions below.
    3. What is their level of expertise?
      What qualifications and experience does the health professional have? Make sure that the health practitioner you are working with is suitably qualified and experienced to work effectively with you and your situation is essential.  Ask about the experience your health practitioner has working with your particular challenge or objective.  These steps are essential in ensuring you meet with someone with the right level of expertise.
    4. How does the professional work with people?
      Different people approach things in different ways. Make sure that you understand how a health practitioner will work with you and that this is aligned to your personal preferences.  The website of the organisation will give an indication of the approach of the practice and the professional.  However, there is no substitute for asking.  Get some examples of similar situations that the professional has worked through to ensure that there are no surprises later on.
    5. What is the Health Professional like?
      It might seem obvious, but health professionals are people too – they come in all shapes and sizes and finding one that is the right fit for you is important.  In fact, finding a professional that you feel comfortable and confident with is one of the best predictors of a successful outcome for talking therapies.
      If it is a talking therapies they need to ‘speak you language’, for exercise the approach needs to fit with your preferences.  Having a brief conversation with your prospective health professional before you start to get a feel for them can make a big difference to the end result.

Overall, a little bit of research at the beginning of the process will make a huge difference to the outcomes.  If the above are not in place most people simply stop going – usually well before they have achieved their goals and are often left feeling frustrated.

If you would like to speak with a Body & Mind Health professional don’t hesitate to book in a no obligation, Free 15 Minute Strategy Call.  Our health professional will work with you to make sure you finish the call with at least 3 options to go forward with.